My former boyfriend is gone from my life. One moment, we had all these plans for our future, and suddenly he was gone. He's now replaced me with someone younger and slimmer than me. He took great delight in telling me that part. Please pray for me to move on, and find the right Man for me.
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Would you please pray for my friend Michael as he is struggling with depression and some physical ailments. Suicide is in his thoughts and he is lonely feeling lost. We are connected only at a long distance so I try to contact him regularly as do others who know him. Thank you.
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Pray for marriage restoration.
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I have suffered great losses in my life, and mostly because of those losses I have panic attacks. I sometimes wake up and go into panic immediately or soon thereafter. Please pray for God to bring restoration, where appropriate, and healing, especially my mind and emotions.
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Please pray for me and my Son Darren, we need healing and better finances. We need peace in our lives, calmness and peace from God that surpasses all understanding.
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Please Pray for Michael Perez in Richmond Hill Georgia United States to be forgiven from his Sins and Iniquities, pornography and sexual immorality, transgressions and trespasses, through the blood of Lord Jesus Christ Yeshua HaMoshiach Amen.
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My middle school students need to know that God truly loves them.
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Please will you pray God will bless my father that my father will live where God wants him to live in every way and every detail starting now and for always with out fail. Please will you also pray we will have all of God and God will speak to us about everything and God will keep us in his...
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Dear Pastor, Please pray for God's protection over me & my family as some people are working against us.
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Praise the Lord. My Eldest Son who has no responsibility, he said that he is going to attend a interview fo a job. i dont know he lied or he he say truly. please pray. i think i am not a good mother to look after my two sons. please pray.
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