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I pray for my husband, he has a unemployment hearing tomorrow on the 8th of October. I pray that he wins this hearing and that they can not appeal that decision either. I pray also that we had to pay the lawyer 1500, I pray father that it doesn't cost that much, that we get that money back or at least half of that money back, please do not let it cost any more that and that we get money back, I pray right now the cost will not be more then 1500 and I pray right now that we will get money back from that, please. . I also pray that craig gets a job, much better pay, better benefits, better hours and better bosses and coworkers that will treat him kindly, with respect and help him. I pray he will like the job, be successful at it and grow with the company to move closer to home. I pray right now that he gets that call and that he is hired, right now.
10/7/2014 at 9:36 AM
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