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Hi I'm suffering with severe anxiety issues and panic attacks,these have been brought on by father having cancer (but he has now been healed of this,praise God) my own struggles with health particularly a debilitating jaw joint disorder. And helping good friends cope with health and personal issues. I am now on anti depressant medication and off work,the side effects of the medication are making my jaw worse and giving me awful tinnitus and lethargy. Please pray that God would take away the side effects of this medication,heal my anxiety,my jaw and my tinnitus and draw me closer to Him so I can be well again.
10/7/2014 at 11:15 AM
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Hello Richard, Praise God in all His glory for God healing your dad. With your issues first I would recommend your going into a quiet room and confessing all your sins to God and asking for forgiveness. Then approach Him clean and ask that Jesus the Healer will place His hand on you to heal your jaw and release you from all the bondage in your life. Jesus is the only one who can take the bondage away. He came to set us free from these very things. Sometimes, these things arise from sin in our life. When I have been in this state, I confess and go before God and plead with Him to show me what I am doing wrong, what I look like in His eyes and then open the bible and see what He tells you. He will speak much to you through the word and it will pierce your heart and draw you to tears. This hurts sometimes and badly, but it allows you to repent and be restored.