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I request a prayer for my friend Zabeen Tahir and her two kids Shifali and Sandy. They are all suffering depression and anxiety with severe headaches and low feeling. It’s some kind of satanic attacks and black magic or occult performed against them to have them in control by the enemy. Pls pray for the three of them ! Thank you
9/28/2020 at 8:56 PM
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By the power of the Lord God in Christ jesus resting in me, I declare and decree that your enemies are defeated! Zabeen Tahir and her two kids Shifali and Sandy are blessed by the Lord and so they cannot be cursed. We plead the blood of Jesus over this family so no satanic attacks no black magic no witchcraft can withstand the autonomous power of our sovereign God. The plans of the enemy are cancelled out and have no recourse. The enemies they have seen today they will see again no more forever in Jesus name! Amen

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Father, we pray for Zabeen TAhir and her two kids Shifali and Sandy to be delivered from depression and anxiety and severe headaches and low feeling and to be delivered from Satan and his attacks and to have no more evil done against them. We pray for their salvation to be in Jesus. AMEN!

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We are praying for God's peace.