You are a Lover, a feeling type, whose spirituality comes primarily from the heart or emotions. You value freedom, independence, and spontaneity. Along with your gift of enthusiasm, you show us how to have fun and appreciate beauty. More than any other type, you know how to experience joy. This puts you in a unique position to experience God in the moment, to revel in what is happening around you, and to be in the present tense.


You are often conscious that serving is loving. Prayer for you is often extemporaneous, speaking to God about what is on your heart at the moment. Music moves you deeply; so does heartfelt preaching and worship. You believe that real faith must be shared. Joy, enthusiasm, and caring are key to your motivations. Lovers know God through worship, personal prayer, and outreach work. You speak in relational terms, of the church as family and God as loving parent. You are passionate about holy living and devote time and money to work that helps share your deep love for God. 


If you are a Lover, the gospel of Luke, with its emphasis on stories and shared meals, might be your favorite. You will be drawn to spiritual practices that connect you to God and others in vibrant joy. Intercessory prayer is important to you, as is a small group experience. Going to retreats and workshops helps you learn and grow with others. You might sometimes want to find your balance by trying mindfulness as a practice to become more comfortable in stillness and silence.


On the other hand, a Lover’s impulsive behavior can get you in trouble. You sometimes focus on satisfying immediate desires to the detriment of investing in longer term needs. You have been known to exude a “holier-than-thou” attitude toward other spiritual types. That does not endear you to others. Guard against thinking that to be right everyone else must share a spiritual experience similar to yours. You also may need permission to acknowledge anger, disappointment, sadness, and doubt, and to allow yourself to make mistakes.


Famous Lovers:


Jacob | Peter | Mary of Bethany 
Billy Graham | Teresa of Avila 
Florence Nightingale | Robin Roberts 
His Holiness, The Dalai Lama | Tom Hanks
Luke Skywalker | Samwise Gamgee


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