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mot from uk prays,
Father, I thank you for every blessing that you have given us. I thank you God for your help in the matters that have been weighing on me. God I am standing on Your word that You will restore what was lost. I'm asking you to connect life partner for our son, who will care about him. I won't stop until You provide it. I love trust and believe in You. Amen
10/7/2014 at 11:31 AM
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Kimberly says...
Hello, Keep trusting in God. You may want to ask Him why whatever was lost was lost. I went through the same thing and then I asked God to show me clearly what I was doing that was not pleasing Him. It was so hard to bear, but He afforded me the opportunity to repent. Sometimes we tend to fail in asking God to show us what we look like in His eyes. It is much different than we see ourselves. This helped me so much. I know He punishes for sins...He showed me clearly and I felt His wrath...and thank God for it, for is shows that I am truly His child. With that, He will always restore you when He is finished punishing for He is a faithful God and His love never fails.

will says...
may god answer you with his mercy&grace.we are praying,Amen.