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John from Washington State prays,
I am self employed and I have a serious health condition. I recently was offered a job (which I accepted) and it's quite a big job, but I prayed some time ago and asked Father if he could help me work so I can get Christmas presents for my sons and grandsons. So the job showed up! Just like He promised! Please pray that I will present an excellent finished product and that my health condition will not get in the way. And please pray that I will be able to sleep at night when I need to (my illness causes me to lose a lot of sleep b/c of symptoms) This means a lot to me to provide for "the boys." Thank you!
10/28/2014 at 2:23 AM
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Mayna says...
Dear John, i unite my faith with yours and agree in prayer for all your prayers to become miracles. I pray that Almighty God would have mercy on you and place his stamp of approval on all your requests. May your health condition become a thing of the past, the sleepless nights be gone and the presentation of the excellent finished product become a reality. I pray that God would anoint you with a mighty anointing of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name I pray. Blessings brother.