caroline from illinois prays,
Please pray for us, I am behind on my mortgage I am scared that I am going to loose my home. I have worked so hard and I feel like everything is financially going wrong. At one point my husband was making good money and now work is slow and we are not doing so well. I feel like such a failure, we have 2 beautiful boys and I dont want to disappoint them. Please pray that we get a financial brake. Please pray that we get the financial help and please pray that the Lord will guide us to do better in life.Please pray that I dont have to worry about money all the time. Please provide enough that we will be ok with bills and help other.Please pray that my husband will find a good paying job. Thank you so much for reading this letter and thank you for praying with me.
3/29/2015 at 10:29 AM


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Shelly says...
Father, we pray for Caroline and her husband that you will meet their financial needs to pay their mortgage and their other bills. Please help them to trust you as their Provider and to be able to take care of their two sons. Bring a new job to her husband soon that pays better. In Jesus' name we ask . Amen!

TheUpperRoom says...
We are praying for you.