kelvin from kenya prays,
am kelvin from kenya,kindly pray for my financial break through,all my source of income are not since i do not have any job currently,i used to work as a driver but due to political instability in the country it happened that i lost my job and its now becoming hard for me feed my young family,cant even afford to pay my monthly bills and rent ... for me.God bless
11/14/2017 at 11:42 PM


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Shelly says...
Father, we pray for Kelvin to be given a good paying job to be able to provide food and clothing and shelter for his young family and to overcome the poverty that threatens him. AMEN!

jesus says...
We pray for a financial breakthrough in kelvin s lives right now! Grow their finances and bestow on their wisdom to manage Your blessings righteously. Please Watch the speeches of the famous evangelist Benny Hinn and the evangelist of India Dr. Mathew Kuruvilla ( Tangu Brother) | - Heavenly Feast- !!!!!- in English....!!!!! .It helps me a lot to overcome my problems....Jesus is doing miracle !!!!!!!!!!!!! through them

jesus says...
To get HIS blessings abundantly … do “TIME ALONE WITH JESUS”.. Lamentations 3:27-28 It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth. Let him sit alone in silence when it is laid on him…..This is simple; open your bible start reading from ACTS….while reading if any sentence or phrase stuck you …..please note down in a book. Close the bible and pray to Holy Spirit to speak you about this verse. Then take a pen and start writing… whatever comes in your mind about this verse, first time you may find some difficulty in getting words and slowly you will be experiencing the miracle that someone is sitting along with u and guide u to write and you are mesmerizes in seeing that grace and harmony of Jesus is pouring into your life. His comfort and love will cover U. whatever u asked in the time alone will be fulfilled by our lord Jesus.

Elouise says...
LORD, I pray You relieve the burdens Kelvin is carrying and bless his situation. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen

TheUpperRoom says...
We are praying for God's peace.