Candace from Alabama prays,
Pray God blesses us with good news about Jesse on his checkup March 27th 2018 pray his head heart breathing weight height ears oxygen level and everything are healthy and normal and he is healthy and talking and we do great because Jesse is healthy. Praise be to God the Father Almighty. Pray for our family to be healthy and safe. Pray Jesse eats well today.
1/13/2018 at 7:44 AM


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tRACY says...
Lord I thank you for your HEALING powers through your son, Jesse. You have already made a way for him. All tests will go according to Your will. Thank you for Your promises of healing. In JESUS Name I Pray! Amen!

Belinda says...
Father, You want this baby WELL and thriving. I’m believing for total healing and developmental progress. Thank you. Bless the Mother. Amen.

TheUpperRoom says...
We are praying for you.