elisabeth from minnesota requests prayer for elisabeth from minnesota
Please pray for me that I remember to trust prayer, to trust God and not think I must control so much. I am having a family problem and prayer, for me and from me, will help, but I keep forgetting and getting in mental health trouble. Thank you.
1/13/2018 at 12:11 PM


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Shelly says...
Father, we pray for Elisabeth from MN to be able to trust God and to let Him be sovereign over her concerns and to grow to faith and to have a godly walk in holiness with Jesus. AMEN!

Hillary says...
Dear Father God, Elizabeth is crying pour in her anguish. Only you can help her with her family problems and her mental health issues. You are they only one who can comfort and cradle her in your love and glory. You are truly magnificent dear Lord in that anything we ask in prayer, you listen to. Thank you Father God...thank you...Amen

Jay says...
Dear Lord Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father Jehova please bless them and give them peace as only you can Jesus and Jehova in your mighty holy name Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father Jehova amen !!!

TheUpperRoom says...
God, send your healing presence in this situation. Amen.