Robin from FL prays,
Please pray for my salvation and protection. I have a lot of unbelief, and a hard heart. I might have a demon, and have horrible thoughts. Please pray for me to repent and receive Christ.
4/16/2018 at 4:15 PM


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Shelly says...
Father, we pray for Robin to repent of sin and be delivered from demons and to have faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior and repent and believes the gospel. AMEN!

Blaze says...
He is waiting for you to come to Him. He has so much to give to you, so many blessings He wants to pour into your heart and life. Come, sit at His feet. Listen to what He has to say to you for this please start reading bible from New Testament Do you need encouragement – He wants to encourage you. Do you need direction – He wants to lead you. Do you need strength to continue – He wants to be your strength, to lift you up and carry you through whatever difficulties your life holds today. Are you struggling in any way – He knows your struggles, He wants to walk with you through them, He wants to assure you that you are not alone even when you “feel” alone. Please spend 30 minute with him from your 24 hours , You are amazed to see that whatever you do for balance 23 and half hours will bear fruit abundantly...your wealth, health, peace and joy..... Think and take a wise decision

Jay says...
Dear Lord Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father Jehova please bless them and save them please Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father Jehova in your mighty holy name Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father Jehova amen !!!

TheUpperRoom says...
May the love and light of Christ be present. Amen.