Suzanne from MASSACHUSETTS prays,
Me and Randy for protection, safety, peace. Mercy, grace. Increased faith, hope, love. Healing from all toxins and abuse . That all toxins and abuse leave us quickly, flying off into the abyss supernaturally, without harming us in the least. Miracle prosperity and miracle provision. Great benefactors. Enough good food, good sleep, good rest, good clothing. Godly people to help us. Family in Christ. The desires of our hearts. Joy of. All the knowledge we need. Bills paid, debt canceled. ANGELS ANGELS ANGELS MIRACLES MIRACLES MIRACLES Touch and agree for more monthly income so I can get a major repair on my car and buy my dog prescription food so his rectum stays healed. Touch and agree for Randy's excellent health now and forever and always. All police, govt, church, family and business abuse stopped now and forever and always.
6/13/2018 at 8:55 AM


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TheUpperRoom says...
God, send your healing presence in this situation. Amen.