Aaron from FL prays,
Please pray that my fiance Melissa gets the help and guidance she needs from rehab. We have been through a lot together, I am afraid she's violated her probation and we really are hoping she doesn't have to do any jail time as she has a job and responsibilities and doesn't need to go to jail. But if it has to happen, we cannot stop that part. Please pray for her to be okay and make it through rehab. I really love her. Thank You.
6/13/2018 at 6:44 PM


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Angharad says...
In Jesus's holy name, we pray. Amen

Shelly says...
Father,we pray for Melissa to be able to finish rehab and to not violate her probation so she can work and marry Aaron from FL. AMEN!

TheUpperRoom says...
We are praying for God's peace.