Dan from Massachusetts prays,
Please pray for Tara to lose her anger, be a happy person again and know that God loves her. Please allow Tara to reunite with me as a friend so we can give B&D the best life possible.
6/13/2019 at 12:55 AM


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Shelly says...
Father, we pray for Tara to be healed from anger and to be a happy person and know that God loves her and to allow Tara and Dan to reunite with a godly friendship so they can give B & D the best life possible. AMEN!

Robert says...
Dear Lord, please do a work in this and many women's lives who are angry. Bring her your compassion towards others. Help them all see all they've accomplished and be fruitful in the ways of peace, joy and love. Bring Tara together with Dan who has faith in prayer, for the best life for B & D. , in Jesus name. Amen.

TheUpperRoom says...
God of Love, be present in this situation. Amen.