Please pray for our country The USA on this 9/11 2019! May GOD Help And Bless The USA In A Very Special Way! In The Holy Name Of Jesus Christ, Amen! Thank You Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!!!
9/11/2019 at 3:11 PM


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Petra says...

Rich says...
We have Got ToPray More for Our Country. Please lift up to God the US. This country needs our prayers so badly. Continually we must lift up our country. And have you heard what the Social Justice Warriors have done to the Philly Police Dept. And can we be any more fractured than that Tucker Carlson, of all people, would call John Bolton "fundamentally a man of the Left?" ,not to mention that our President - and I say this as a Trump supporter - manifestly has a problem with personnel. And our country is in decline. Thank you for reading this.

Evelyn says...
Lord, we ask that you would contnue to help America find her way back into your good graces.Help the people find their voice and agree to do your will.Lord, please pray for America and keep America safe.

TheUpperRoom says...
Prayers are coming on behalf of you.