Lady from USA prays,
Please pray in Jesus name that God will deliver me from despair & anxiety & that He will give me the miracles I've been praying for. Please pray that cancer has NOT come back in me & that it NEVER will come back. Thank you for your prayers. May you be truly blessed.
9/22/2019 at 11:07 PM


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Ellen says...
Father, bless this sister with your divine health in Jesus' Name Amen.

Blaze says...
O God! My friend's heart is overwhelmed with sorrow and she is so restless!Lord, the Scripture says that in Your presence there is fullness of joy. Let her feel Your sweet presence Lord! And let Your comforts delight her soul in the multitudes of her anxieties. . Father! Have compassion on her and make her glad by restoring in her Your matchless peace, joy and happiness. Father Please restore her health. I know by your stripes she healed and Cancer will never come back to her life. I Command in the name of Jesus to evil sprit of Cancer to FLEE AWAY from my freind's life and my dear holy spirit fill her with your love, joy and health. Thank You for listening to my plea Lord! In Jesus' name I pray.Amen.

Blaze says...
Dear friend, Do you know one thing, JESUS loves you so badly, Sooooo deeply because you are his beloved. Friend, Think,…… if a person in this world loves you sincerely, Will he do anything which harms you?????. Never, then just think about Jesus’s love. Now you may ask, then why such things are happening in my life. Ok, I will answer to you, let me as ask question , Jesus has given to you 24 hours in a day how many hours do you spend with him. 1 Hour or 30 Minute or 15 Minute??? Just think, Friend, you know, he is eagerly waiting for your time. You should spend minimum 30 minutes with him. If you are not spending time with him then Satan will use you, he will fill your heart with depression, anxieties……As said in the scriptures resist Satan , then he will flee from you

Blaze says...
For this, First you sing a song to praise him, then you says thanks to all things which has happened in your life, then you share your wishes , needs and then open your bible and start read from Roman if you are Christian otherwise start read from, New testament Mathew. Speak to him as u are speaking to ur beloved. Know HIM… have a relationship with him.. then you can see his miracles in your life. Try Jesus

jay says...
He will never leave nor forsake you and the word of God is sharper than any two edged sword

TheUpperRoom says...
May the love and light of Christ be present. Amen.