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Mel's Praise Report:
Pray I can sleep tonight well and am ready for church n the morning. I need the Holy spirit to be stronger. I'm turning 30 soon I still relapse overweight and can't get it right pray I am healed and blessed
11/16/2019 at 8:08 PM
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DJ says...
Lord Jesus , I pray that you will show Mel your love. I pray that Mel will see all of the blessings he has. I pray that you would encourage and uplift Mel. I know that you don't make mistakes and you surly didn't make a mistake when you made Mel. Please show Mel so that he can see, please open his eyes so that he will see all the good things you have done and will do for him. In Jesus name amen.

Judy says...
Please bless Mel. Help Mel to sleep well and get to church on time. Bless the weight struggles and provide healing. Amen

TheUpperRoom says...
Send God's love, wisdom, support, and comfort to this situation. Amen.