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shaz from kenya prays,
Dear Lord I pray for reconciliation of my marriage.I pray for healing and restoration. I pray that you may soften my husbands heart and he may reach out and we may live as a family again. I also pray for peace for our little girl and us all through this difficult time Amen
12/3/2019 at 1:32 PM
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HY says...
I have prayed for you, COLOSSIANS 3:13.

Shelly says...
Father, we pray for reconciliation of Shaz' marriage to have a godly family again. AMEN!

Susan says...
Heavenly Father, You have heard the supplication of Shaz in Kenya concerning her marriage. Lord, help this family be restored to your will. Help all involved have peace and comfort that comes only from you. Be with the little girl as she doesn't understand and needs all the love she can get in this sad world. In Jesus' name. Amen.

TheUpperRoom says...
For God's presence and comfort, we pray. Amen.