John from CA prays,
Thank You, Jesus, for Your broken body. Thank You for bearing my symptoms and sicknesses at the cross so that I may have Your health and wholeness. I declare that by Your stripes, by the beatings You bore, by the lashes which fell on Your back, I am completely healed. I believe and I receive Your resurrection life in my body today. Thank You, Jesus, for Your blood that has washed me whiter than snow. Your blood has brought me forgiveness and made me righteous forever. And as I drink, I celebrate and partake of the inheritance of the righteous, which includes preservation, healing, wholeness and all Your blessings.
3/26/2020 at 4:43 AM


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S says...
Praying for Gods blessings. Amen.

TheUpperRoom says...
We pray to the Lord. Have mercy. Amen.