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Danny from AZ prays,
Father help me when I feel alone and out of control and insecure about my Children and Family the Children you have given me and Christine. We love them very much and I want to be a special part of their adult lives now that they have grown the have always been my babies I have a lot on my plate and I have concerns for other things seeking also for my family to whole and wholesome. They are great and a special purpose they serve me (us) and I know it is for good and will be all good when we see each other again and hold fast to our love. I pray that this reunion will be blessed and also the ones I will have with others eventually in season and time. I pray for the time to be normal and full of great influence and the light. Make all people well and I pray that I can make a personal difference as i'am called and we are called to be together in the same body and spirit excluding none.
5/22/2020 at 11:39 PM
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Shelly says...
Father, we pray for Danny and Christine and their adult children to be a godly family. AMEN!

TheUpperRoom says...
Prayers are coming on behalf of you.