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Stella from The United Kingdom prays,
My Son Darren picked up a bit right after I put a prayer request for him on here. And he had the tea and toast I made him, after not wanting to eat anything for two days. Please keep him in your prayers, as he's very ill with depression. Please pray for him to recognize the lies of Satan, and realise that his life is far from over, and useless. He needs to return to the Father after sitting a long time in the pigpen.
1/13/2021 at 3:21 PM
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Shelly says...
Father, we pray for salvation for Darren to find God in his life and to come to faith in Jesus Christ and to overcome depression and despair and to get a godly attitude to live and enjoy his life and work to play music again. AMEN!

Jay says...
Praying also please call whomever you need to help him even an ambulance if you need

Mélissa says...
Lord, I pray for this spirit of depression to go away. Lord, you know this boy. You know his talents, you know his value. Lord, I pray for peace, I pray for salvation, I pray for restoration. Lord, I pray for things around him that will be consolation. Lord, I pray you will protect him. Lord, bring him close to your heart, heal, restore. Lord, heal the wounds... the deep wounds that make hims tay in this state. Lord, you are the healer and we can wait on you for our every need. You make the spirit of death go away. No harm against us can prosper. Lord, I pray for your mighty power on this situation. Amen

Lennis says...
Stella, I lift up your son Darren in prayer to the Most High God, May he obtain, peace, favor,healing, strength and salvation in Jesus's Name. Amen.

TheUpperRoom says...
Send God's love, wisdom, support, and comfort to this situation. Amen.