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Margarita from Brooklyn NY prays,
Pray 2 destroy/reverse all plans of evil & occult spells on my family, my parents Luba & Viktor, & PUG Lucy, their marriage/health/safety/jobs/finances. PLEASE PRAY for Gods right decision regarding our pug Lucys surgery tomorrow on MONDAY. If we do it, PRAY IT goes GREAT, & she takes anesthesia well, & RECOVERS QUICKLY & PAINLESSLY, & lives a LONG & HEALTHY LIFE. Pray for compassion from Lucy's vet, and that Jesus works though her vet's heart and hands, & her vet he DOES ONLY what's best for Lucy, & they are ONLY guided by Jesus. Pray for my parents Luba and Viktor mental and physical health and strength through this. God bless you!
8/1/2021 at 11:38 AM
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TheUpperRoom says...
May the love and light of Christ be present. Amen.