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Louie from TX,USA prays,
URGENT PRAYERS?? Father-God, Helps, That, the District EPISD Drops Our Daughter Amber Granados, from Attending Austin High.School, she already 18 Years Plus, they want to take us to Court, to keeper in School, she doesn't want go anymore, For Now. Helps Granados Family , Father-God, have Your Favor and Helps, with School District, they Drop her from Attending Austin High School, Austin High School, Staff is giving us so much Trouble?? That she must Attend?? Father-God, Helps the Granados Family, Father-God, helps us fight our battle, to Win, our Case? Thank You??? Father-God??
10/17/2021 at 11:14 AM
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Brother says...
Dear Louie: We bless you that Father/Mother God brings to your daughter Amber and the Granados family your wishes that she does not continue with school. In the name of the Creator, this is done. Amen.

TheUpperRoom says...
God, send your healing presence in this situation. Amen.