You are a Prophet, a crusader with a kin-dom spirituality. You experience God best through serving others. You value competence and knowledge and are good at leading and influencing others. Prophets are devoted to their causes, often becoming assertive as you implement a vision of the world as God’s kin-dom on earth. You are our heroic change agents, and we admire you for that. Single-minded and deeply focused, you aren't content until society has been transformed.


Prophets are the ultimate idealists, who exhibit a zeal for social justice that you describe as a fire in the bones, or a passion for your cause. Biblical prophets were called to critique the social conditions around them and to articulate the vision of how things should be. Some of our modern prophets might be stand-up comics, who use the absurdity of the modern world as the vehicle to describe what ails us.


As a prophet, you care intensely about the kingdom of God here on earth: righteousness made visible through discipleship. Your goal is to “do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God,” (Micah 6:8) and you feel a call to awake others to this message. The gospel of Mark with its urgent power might be your favorite gospel. You naturally gravitate toward acts of justice and service like cooking for a soup kitchen or starting a community garden. You may also need to find a way to charge your batteries through centering prayer, the daily examen, or group Bible study.


Prophets are the least represented spiritual type in the general population. You also are the hardest spiritual type to be around, mainly because you naturally challenge others to examine their own lives and calling to change. We admire you for sacrificing your personal life for your hope of the kin-dom realized on earth, but sometimes we are afraid to hear what the cost will be to our lives if we follow your example.


You have a courageous and sturdy idealism that takes responsibility for change. Sometime your passion for transforming society leads you to become impatient with congregations and their perceived lack of concern. You fit best in a hospitable, like-minded community that shares your vision.


Nevertheless, be careful not to become so involved in your cause that you neglect your inner life. Attend as much to your inner life as outer life. One will nourish the other.

Mother Teresa | Elijah | John the Baptist 
Isaiah | Rosa Parks | Dorothy Day 
Joan of Arc | Black Lives Matter | Martin Luther King, Jr. 
Jeremiah | Malcolm X | Ghandi 
Indigo Girls | Gandalf | Sister Helen Prejean


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