There are two volunteer opportunities for church groups or for individuals.

The Living Prayer Center offers people in many different communities the opportunity to participate in prayer ministry through remote link-ups, as well as covenant prayer groups. The prayer center offers a way for small groups, church leaders and individuals to be a part of a prayer fellowship beyond their local communities.

Volunteers receive training, listen to prayer requests, and pray with the callers. These intercessors then relay the request to the Prayer Center, which forwards the request to covenant prayer groups across the globe for an extended time of prayer.

As your heart connects with callers, you make notes about their specific needs before praying with them. This information is then shared with one of our Covenant Prayer Groups throughout the U.S., who continue to pray for the caller.

To become a phone volunteer, all you need is a vital Christian experience out of which to share with persons who call, and a desire to grow in your own prayer life.

Bear one another's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.


1. Phone Volunteers

Become a prayer volunteer by answering The Upper Room's prayer line (forwarded to a number of your choosing) for a period of time. Choose at least a 2-hour time slot that fits your schedule.

Download Phone Prayer Volunteer Application PDF

2. Prayer Partners

Become a prayer partner who receives weekly prayer requests via email from the Upper Room Prayer Center and then prays for the persons in need.

Download Prayer Partners Application PDF