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"Talk to the social workers up there. See what type of ⁹ permanent housing is available Please call me, my telephone is almost dead, this medicine is making me sweat, and it is hard to breathe. Do you remember when I was having heart palpitations in high school? It is the same thing. I told the nurse practitioner is he, and she did not care at all. Please pray. I feel scared. I do not know the city, I need to be back in Lee County. God bless you."
4/13/2021 at 12:44 PM
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BJ dice...
Praying for you to feel better ASAP. May God’s healing mercies bring you comfort. May your caregivers help with your issues. IJNIP Amen

Shelly dice...
Father, we pray for Gwendolynn from FL to be healed from heart palpitations. We pray for her to get a good house to move to the city or back to Lee County. AMEN!

TheUpperRoom dice...
Prayers are coming on behalf of you.