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Rosemary from Canada prays,
My husband John Visconti will be going to my in-laws house Wed April 15, 2021 @ 12:00 pm., and there names are Filomena, Rosetta & Mike. I'm worried what they are all up too - I don't trust none of them - they made my husband John, deceit, lied, hide stuff behind my back, they have gone to many lengths for my husband to not come home to his wife when he should too. They've controlled my husband for 10 yrs of our marriage and they also put a guilt trip on him, so I'm scared what they will do tomorrow & worried my husband wont come home for many, many, many hours and worried they will continue doing this to my husband forever. I want this to stop, I want ensure he is not in any manipulated that cause constant issues in our marriage. Please make sure my husband doesn't stay there no longer than 2:00 pm., and comes home to his wife & they don't ruin our marriage anymore.
4/13/2021 at 5:45 PM
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Shelly says...
Father, we pray for John Visconti to be saved from manipulation and lies and deceit from his in-laws Filomena, Rosetta and Mike. WE pray for him to come back home to Rosemary and have faith in her for their marriage to be restored to peace. AMEN!

Judy says...
Bless Rosemary and John. Protect their marriage and stop the in-laws from interfering and causing problems. Bring him home. Bring comfort and peace to Rosemary. Amen

Karen says...
Father, you Word says a man leaves his mother and father and cleaves to his wife. Touch John Visconti in a mighty way and turn his heart to You. Open his eyes to truth and turn him away from all manipulation. Create in him a clean heart, a heart that serves the Lord and loves his wife as himself. Help him, Lord. May he be covered by the blood of Jesus as he visits his parents. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.

TheUpperRoom says...
God, send your healing presence in this situation. Amen.